Dokter Isaac Amole

Doctor with Golden Hands and a Golden Smile

The magical hands of doctor/surgeon Isaac Amole (41) are known the land over. Doctor Isaac trained as a reconstructive surgeon in India and is the only surgeon in Nigeria to offer a surgical solution for foot drop and claw hand, two problems with which leprosy patients are often faced. The technique is to remove the paralysed tendon and create a bridge to another of the functioning tendons. This brings movement to people who were previously unable to raise their foot.

“There are leprosy patients who are no longer able to close their eyes, which can cause inflammation and eventually blindness. In these cases he takes a tendon from the thigh and attaches it to the eye muscle.”

The fight against leprosy in Nigeria. Isaac works in the university hospital of Ogbomosho, but once a week he visits the leprosy camp nearby, where many leprosy patients have been cut off from the rest of the world for years. They get to see doctor Amole for their ordinary medical complaints – malaria is rife – and have their wounds examined and dressed: something which doctor Amole always does with an effusive smile.

The fight against leprosy in Nigeria.

Damien Foundation in Nigeria. Patients suffering from leprosy, and the patients’ families.

TEXTS: Wendy Huyghe
PHOTOS: Tim Dirven @T.Dirven for Damien Foundation


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