John Okoro

Even so, I'm not alone

For more than 30 years John Okoro has been living in a leprosy camp far from the ‘normal’ world. In the past he enjoyed the company of his wife and child, but they have passed away. He is no longer in contact with his family in the Delta province.

“Even so, I'm not alone”, he says. “We help each other.” He points out two of his neighbours, who are of roughly the same age and, like him, not exactly a picture of glowing health and fitness.

“My back is always hurting. I can't work the fields anymore, nor can my friends. Some of them can't even stand up straight to walk. So we are completely dependent on the charity of the people from the city. Once in a while some kind people come over with a bag of food. But it doesn't happen very often.”

Damien Foundation: The fight against leprosy in Nigeria

Damien Foundation: The fight against leprosy in Nigeria

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