Alani Karonwi (blue T-shirt) and Ayo Adeinle

A New Family

Alani is chatting away, but Ayo is concentrating on the razor blade. He doesn't want any slip-ups. Since Alani’s hands and feet were deformed by leprosy Ayo has come to shave him every now and again. Ayo lives in the leprosy camp too, only a little further down the road. He lost a leg through the disease and has a prosthesis.

Alani struggles with some everyday tasks, whereas Aya has trouble with others. But, between them, the two men cover their bases and help each other out when they can. They have been in the camp for the last twenty years. Their families come to visit twice a year. But Ayo and Alani are like family to each other.

Damien Foundation: The fight against leprosy in Nigeria
“Thanks to Damien Foundation we have a good mattress and a nicely renovated house to protect us from the rain. In terms of housing and medical care we have nothing to complain about. But what we need is food. We are entirely dependent on the people from the nearest town, but, since the recession they have had much less to give us. We will be hungry again by the end of the month.”

Damien Foundation: The fight against leprosy in Nigeria.

TEXTS: Wendy Huyghe
PHOTOS: Tim Dirven @T.Dirven for Damien Foundation


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