Sunday Udoh

Almost home

Sunday (35) has his mum on a visit. In a week's time she can take her son back home. He has been in the Jericho treatment centre for four months. It was quite a scare when he was diagnosed with multi-drug resistant TB, but Sunday has responded well to the treatment. Every day he receives injections and tablets, which will continue for another four months at home.
Then he will have to take the tablets for another year. This therapy, DOTS+(Directly Observed Treatment) is effective, but intensive. But Sunday is not complaining. “Four months ago I was so weak that I couldn't even walk. I had to stop my education theory course at university. I hope to return to it soon.”

tuberculosis patient follows the therapy, DOTS+(Directly Observed Treatment). </p> 

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TEXTS: Wendy Huyghe
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