Nurse Florence Bello

I see 30 patients a day

Nurse Florence Bello (53) has worked here for five years and now specialises in tuberculosis. She is one of five nurses in Jericho, which accommodates 25 patients with resistant tuberculosis.

Florence looks after the patients with ordinary tuberculosis, who do not have to stay in hospital, but can be treated at home. They are in need of some very strict supervision, because if they don't take the medicine properly or completely, they run the risk of developing resistant TB, which is much harder to cure.

“I examine close to 400 patients a year”, she says. “I have 25 to 30 appointments a day, and that's quite a schedule. Fortunately, I have two assistants to do the sputum tests.” This involves looking at a spot of sputum under the microscope to check for the TB bacterium.

Mrs. Bello looks after the patients with ordinary tuberculosis.

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