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Emmanuel Elizabeth Olubola

We offer hope

Emmanuel (58) has worked at the tuberculosis centre in Jericho since 2007. She is the charge nurse in the ward for patients with multi-drug resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis. “This is the only place in the whole of Nigeria which is equipped to treat extensively drug-resistant TB. We have six rooms, each holding 3 patients.” After a while Emmanuel and her colleagues get to know the patients well, because with the extensive form of tuberculosis you have to stay in hospital for not four, but ten months. Only then can you continue your treatment at home.
She has a difficult job: she heads a team of 14 nurses and regularly sees patients who do not survive. “But what we are doing here is worthwhile. The nurses bring hope to patients who have often lost all hope before they arrive.”

Mrs. Olubola works at the tuberculosis centre in Jericho.
The well-kept ward was built by Damien Foundation in 2014. It has an inner courtyard with little pavilions and benches. “That courtyard is a blessing”, says Emmanuel. “Our patients find peace here.”

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